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Decompressing Sibelius’s Swan of Tuonela: Reconstructing a lost version (1896/97) (NewMAC)

Newcastle Music Analysis Conference, Society for Music Analysis, Newcastle University, July 2022 Abstract On 4 December 1943, an RAF bombing raid left Leipzig’s bookseller’s quarter in ruins. Many of the musical manuscripts kept at Breitkopf & Härtel’s original headquarters were destroyed. These…

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Panel: Formenlehre in Context (Music Research Forum)

Music Research Forum 9 (28 April 2022) Semester 2, Department of Music, University of Manchester This Forum brings together three contributors to the forthcoming edited collection Formenlehre in Context (ed. Kelvin Lee), to be submitted to Peeter’s ‘Analysis in Context’ series. Each…

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Rotational Projection in Beethoven's "Appassionata" Sonata (CityMAC)

Music Analysis Conference (CityMAC), City University, July 2018 The principle of ‘rotational form’ is foundational to Hepokoski’s formaldefinition of late nineteenth-century ‘sonata deformations’ outlined in his1993 monograph, Sibelius, Symphony No. 5. Strikingly, the concept of‘rotation’ loses any deformational function in Elements of…

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Double-Tonic Complexes and the Afterlife in Sibelius’s “Sydämeni Laulu” (SotonMAC)

Society for Music Analysis Conference 2019, University of Southampton (31 Jul 2019) Abstact Historically,  depictions  of  Finnish  landscape  in  Sibelius’s  music  have  been  attributed  to Klangflächen,  ‘sound-sheets’, or  other  processes  that  involve  harmonic  stasis  and  expansive ostinato patterns. Through  detailed  analysis, this…

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