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Video Podcast on the Sonata Type Tree

Watch my video podcast below to find out how to use the Sonata Type Tree for Sonata Theory pedagogy and some of the ways it can be developed for analysis. This video was created for the Society for Music Analysis’s ‘Teaching Music…

TAGS Prize Essay | Sibelian Rotational Projection: Erfüllung in Sibelius’s Työkansan Marssi

Read my TAGS Prize Essay on Sibelius’s little-known Worker’s March (Työkansan Marssi) in the Society for Music Analysis’s April 2020 Newsletter here. The essay lays out a new theory of ‘rotational projection’ and contextualises Sibelius’s march amid the politicisation of language in…

Introduction to the Sonata Type Tree

The Sonata Type Tree is an interactive tree diagram that visually represents James Hepokoski and Warren Darcy’s rotationally-defined Sonata Types 1, 2, 3 and 4, as theorised in Elements of Sonata Theory

Create Schenkerian Scale Degrees without Music Font

In Schenkerian theory, the descending steps of the Fundamental harmonic structure (the Urlinie) as well as the steps of linear progressions are referred to by their degree of distance from the tonic. These are scale degrees (Stufe). For instance, the note G…

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